Melgaard Service is a locally owned business in Maple Lake, MN by Hans Melgaard. We provide service for a variety of your needs. HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING, PLUMBING, SEWER and DRAIN CLEANING and THAWING, VIDEO INSPECTION and LOCATING. We are also committed to providing quick, affordable HOLDING TANK PUMPING and SEPTIC SYSTEM CLEANING services. Serving communities in the Wright, Stearns, Meeker & Sherburne County, Minnesota areas. Some of the areas we service include: Maple Lake, Hasty-Silver Creek, South Haven, Fairhaven, Kimball, Kingston, Annandale, Clearwater, Clear Lake, Becker, Big Lake, Howard Lake, Waverly, Buffalo & Monticello. Please call to verify your city is included in our service area.

Lakes included in our Service Area are: Sugar Lake, Maple Lake, Ramsey Lake, Sullivan Lake, Rock Lake, Mink Lake, Somers Lake, Indian Lake, Sandy Lake, Long Lake, Cedar Lake, Clearwater Lake, Pleasant Lake, Bass Lake, Grass Lake, Lake Augusta, Lake Mary, Lake John, Lake Sylvia, Goose Lake, Lake Union, French Lake, Lake Caroline, Lake Marie, Lake Louisa, Rice Lake, Fish Lake, Twin Lake, Lake Francis, Lake Ramsey, Lake Sullivan, Mill-Stone Lake, Limestone Lake, Nixon Lake, Cornell Lake, Wiegand Lake, Ember Lake, Twin Lake, Locke Lake, Lake Ida, Eagle Lake, Angus Lake, Briggs Lake, Julia Lake & Crooked Lake

To schedule a service appointment, please call 763-286-9896

Melgaard Services purchased Hudek Sewer Service in April of 2013. It has been a great acquisition for us. We have retired the old Hudek truck and have welcomed MACK to our family! We are in the process of making it a great truck to better service our customers.